Ukraine Wants $40 Billion to Begin Rebuilding as a Green Industry


Ukraine wants $40 billion to fund the first part of a “Green Marshall Plan” to rebuild its economy, a senior Ukrainian government official told Reuters ahead of a summit this week.

It will be spent to rebuild the country GREEN!

The World Bank estimates Ukraine’s reconstruction will cost $411 billion, three times the country’s gross domestic product.

Giving the figure of $40 billion for an initial phase of reconstruction, Rostyslav Shurma, a deputy head of President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s office, said the first focus would be the iron and steel industry.

They plan to build the industry with renewable industry.

Who is going to give them the $40 billion?

“If you have to rebuild, it is logical to rebuild green in line with new technologies… Our vision is to build a 50 million tonnes green steel industry in Ukraine,” he told Reuters.

They are currently in a war they ar not winning.



  1. The Soros puppet Zelensky should ask his Yiddish financiers for the money, not the American public. (Soros, Larry Fink of Blackrock, Zuckerberg, and on and on.)

  2. This is just another Ukraine stunt to steal our money. They use the green approach because the same people pushing green are the ones supporting Ukraine at all cost.

    A competitive steel industry cannot be created with green energy. Steel production is very energy intensive. Molten steel is over 2000 degrees.

  3. Better check with Russia about this rebuilding thing. After this offensive “offensive” fails, Russia will look to take the next 4 regions to the west of the Donbas. Then Poland will probably want the 5 oblasts on the western border that were once Poland. This leaves a small, landlocked area called ‘Ukraine’….not a great investment.

  4. They really should ask Spain how the Green Revolution is going for them, before they kill their Nuclear power plants and shut off the Gas. Lyshenkoism anyone??

    • Oh, heavens, no. Why apply objective reality to decision-making, when wild, unfounded rhetoric will cost more and produce less?

  5. They are the ‘cannon fodder’ for the US and NATO – who like the vaccine manufacturers – are testing their weapons effectiveness on the Russians…


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