Unvetted Illegal Crossers Get $2200 a Month, Housing, and Food



As Todd Bensman looks on at the mobs of unvetted foreigners pouring in, a Border Patrol agent explains what is happening. Mr. Bensman began by asking him about these masses of humanity arriving here.

AGENT: …Word of mouth. These guys know everything that we do. That’s just the way it is, right? I mean there’s that.

BENSMAN: Everybody has their birth certificates pre printed from their government. They knew what to bring here …

AGENT: They know it before they left… they know the whole drill.  They know what to say when it comes to asylum. They’re asking 1000  of them, 1000 of them will tell you … somebody wants to kill me.

BENSMAN: And they’re not giving them asylum interviews as far as we know here.

AGENT: Well, I can’t attest to that, you know.


AGENT: Obviously they’re coming because they’re getting released.

BENSMAN: This is interesting that you have like, one parent and one kid, one parent one kid, right? They’re not together are they?  One parent one kid, one parent one kid.

That is because they get Social Security or what.  What’s the benefit they get?


BENSMAN: What’s the cost of living check?

AGENT: They get a check every month. They get a check … along with housing and food. …[and education]. I’ve heard it’s around $2200 and it’s for one parent one kid, and then…

[This comes out of social security. There won’t be anything for American elderly.]

BENSMAN: Do you think that the scam here is that the other parent, if there’s another kid that’s coming in, and then they double dip.

AGENT: Oh yes. That is what’s going on, yes, very easy yeah. Plus they get a ticket to wherever they want to go…they get a ticket to where they want to go. They used to do the monitors on the ankles and those were being cut off so now they give them bolts.

BENSMAN: Well, it is interesting that there’s no mom with this, there’s no husband here, no dad, no dad, no dad. They’re all single parents. How is it that everybody’s a single parent?

AGENT: they probably already have a relative here or their significant other’s probably already here or coming.

[I am Catholic, but I am infuriated with what the leftist Catholics are doing to help destroy this nation. That includes New York’s own Cardinal Dolan. He’s not a religious, he’s a politician like my Pope.]

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  1. I just saw a post where the parents split up and each take a child. The family winds up with $4,400 a month. How is this sustainable? Adams says that NYC is being destroyed.

  2. A nation that is rewarding invaders with free money is a nation that is self mutilating.

    Every nation that does that, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland etc etc are destroying their economy, their culture, their language ( press 2 for English ) are increasing their crime rates, and even though we are not supposed to say it; they are replacing their own race.

    It is a slow motion suicide… within a few decades Western civilization will be a hell hole similar to where some of those people came from.

  3. This is the raping of America, by America. This is why these people come here, their standard of living immediately soars. They came here for selfish reasons. Anyone who expects free things is selfish. What church teaches people they deserve to freeload? Most will never learn English, though we will spend thousands each trying to teach them.


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