Unvetted Single Men from All Over the World Pour in Non-Stop


Arizonans who voted for Katie Hobbs should be very proud of themselves right now. Her state is being inundated with hundreds of thousands of unvetted people who are coming from nations that are hotbeds of terrorism and crime.

These people are pouring in non-stop, and we don’t know who they are. If you think this isn’t an enormous national security threat, you’re an imbecile. What Democrats want is for these people to come in such large numbers that they demand amnesty. They will vote only for Democrats, who obviously don’t care about our safety. Many of the people coming in are from Senegal, Sudan, Mauritania, and other dangerous nations. Todd Bensman has already spotted people he believes are warlords.

We just released one report in which Border Patrol said that they had offered 330,000 last month, and that doesn’t count all the Gotaways. Gotaways are even worse than the ones pouring in. You can imagine how dangerous they are — they don’t even want to turn themselves in and give CBP a fake name.

Democrats who support this just for votes are evil. Granted, the average person doesn’t know the truth, and they’re voting for people who are doing this without knowing the truth. The media has not told them the truth.

The Border Patrol Union sent out the alarm that Arizona is being inundated with single, unvetted men.

“DHS personnel in Arizona are now using the term “freedom runs” when instructing BP agents about mass releases of illegal aliens in Tucson. There is almost no manpower left for enforcement duties as agents’ calls for assistance go unanswered and the vast majority are tied up with huge numbers of surrendering border crashers.

“Agents have been instructed to prioritize the processing of surrendering illegal aliens instead of patrolling the border. And while all this sanctioned lawlessness ties up resources, the murderous cartel thugs continue to run hugely successful border operations while making billions of dollars smuggling millions of illegal aliens, tons of fentanyl and whatever else they want to send here, courtesy of Joe Biden. The Biden Admin will not be satisfied until every last spark of BP agent morale is extinguished.”



  1. They will “decapitate’ American culture in a night once greenlighted. BUT, I can see Christ starting the trumpet call to the dead and the innocent children about 30 seconds before it starts, that would be epic!

  2. You ARE screwed….biden and the corrupt “media” are tightening the ‘coffin’ nails IN YOUR FACE…and the ‘nitwits’ ARE happy in their blissful ignorance…

    • What these writers above don’t appreciate is that a lot of these guys have been trained in places like Turkey and it is not just your vote that they will have.They also want your homes.It’s not hard to discover how they are going to get them either,it’s called climate change.


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