US Intelligence Knew Weeks Ago of Prigozhin’s Coup Plans


According to the New York Times, US intelligence officials learned weeks ago of the planned Prigozhin insurrection on Friday.

“But unlike with the initial invasion, when U.S. officials declassified the intelligence and then released it to try to deter Mr. Putin from invading, intelligence agencies kept silent about Mr. Prigozhin‚Äôs plans. U.S. officials felt that if they said anything, Mr. Putin could accuse them of orchestrating a coup. And they clearly had little interest in helping Mr. Putin avoid a major, embarrassing fracturing of his support.”

Funny he should say that. That’s exactly what he thinks. Why wouldn’t he? The US has made it clear that the goal is to topple Putin.

if they were concerned that Putin would think they were behind it, why admit it now? He’ll definitely think the US was behind it, or the CIA was.

Perhaps it’s vanity. They want us to know how clever they are. No one can pull the wool over their eyes.




  1. They knew weeks ago because they almost certainly planned it with Prigozhin, they had planned to pay him for that.

    Which would also explains the accounting “error” of a few Billion they told us about a couple days ago.

    they call it an error to hide the fact they sent money to Prigozhin

  2. HaHaHaHa! The CIA isn’t that smart and Prigozhin would of demanded 60 billion payable in advance and hen kept the money after spitting it with the Krmilin. The CIA really needs to find someone who can make up more believable stories. Their fairy tales are falling flat. Like the Ukranians blew up Norstram using a Polish sailboat.

  3. I just read that a little bit ago. Reports were saying Ukraine was massing forces around Artyomosk as a result. It seems that was the US plans. I’ll bet they were saying, “we’ve got them now”. Oops, Belarus thwarted their brilliant strategy.

    So what was that carload of cash. Did we send pallets of cash as done in Iran and Afghanistan.

    • There is no limit to how much of your tax dollars Biden will spend to protect Ukraine, the nation where Democrats launder their illegally and immorally obtained millions of dollars!


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