US Is Designing Air Defense Systems to Protect US Cities


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This morning, the New York Times warned that Russia has overcome the sanctions and export controls to expand its missile production. Sources told the Times that the production now exceeds pre-war levels. Kim Jong Un offers his full support and allegiance. And, as all this goes down, the U.S. sees the need for air-defense missile systems to protect U.S. cities from Russia and China.

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File Photo, Vladimir Putin
The US Needs Air Defense Systems to Protect US Cities

The U.S. is designing war defense systems around U.S. cities – all under the Biden-Obama regime. We say Obama since most of Biden’s key staff are Obama-era. However, both parties are letting Americans down.

They see that as needed, but we must ask about internal security.

They’ve abandoned U.S. security. Opening borders while stirring up war with nuclear nations is a flawed foreign policy.

“The United States…this summer began designing a next-generation domestic air defense system to protect cities and critical infrastructure from Russian and Chinese cruise missiles.”

Russia’s Missile Production Increases

The news of missile production leaves Ukraine open to intensified attacks.

In addition to billions in weapons for Ukraine, The United States made curbing Russia’s military supply an important part of the strategy. It’s not working. It worked for a time.

Russia used intelligence services and the Ministry of Defence to run networks of people who smuggle key components by exporting them to other countries from which they can be shipped to Russia. That was very predictable.

Russia rebuilt trade in critical components by routing them through countries like Armenia and Turkey.

The Pentagon is now helping Ukrainians take down missiles and drones.

Some say, Russia for one, that the US is in a direct war with Russia. It’s a war that no one in the United States voted for – it’s a politician’s war.

Kim Jong Un Aligns With Russia

Another report today stated that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un told Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday that his country offers its “full and unconditional support” for Russia’s “sacred fight” to defend its security interests. Un joins China in vowing support.

There are solutions. Close the border, deport invaders, and end the war with Ukraine. Russia sees weakness as does most in the world, and Putin is using it to mock the United States.



  1. This is just more of the typical war talk from our corrupt government. The NYT knows nothing about Russian missile production, other than the propaganda it is given by the CIA and DoD. Our corrupt DC will want to take more money from us, supposedly to protect us. It uses fear as a weapon against us. If they actually built a missile defense, which I doubt we are capable of anymore, I doubt it would be used to protect us. A government with allows an invasion on 8 million does not care about us.


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