US-Mexico Border is “World’s Deadliest Land Migration Route”


The U.S.-Mexico border is the world’s deadliest land migration route, according to U.N. migration agency figures published on Tuesday, with hundreds losing their lives attempting to make perilous desert crossings,” reports Reuters.

What the report does not explain is the cartels’ involvement. The battle for control between three cartels has played a large part in these numbers.

The report does not include how many have died crossing the Darien Gap.

New Americans from Venezuela are coming through the Darien Gap.

A reporter for Newsmax stated, “We just broke an Intelligence Report from US Customs and Border Protection that validates that there are major problems at the Darien Gap. In the month of August, 82,000 people crossed through the Darien Gap, unprecedented numbers that we’ve ever seen.”

“I want to say that again – 82,000.  From January to August, 333,700 people, numbers they had never seen. So, I will say right now, all eyes should be on the Darien Gap and get ready for the numbers that are about to hit us in October and November because that’s a clear indication of what’s to come,” the reporter states.

The Darien Gap, which Mayorkas helped open up by forcing Border Patrol to clear pathways, is extremely dangerous for the United States national security. Terrorists from the Middle East, Africa, and China come through that path.

The Biden Administration has been warned about that from Panama itself.


Panama sent out an urgent warning to the Biden administration about terrorists pouring in to get to the United States. Terrorists are entering Panama so they can blend in with migrants.

“Members of terrorist organizations and sanctioned parties have found their way into Panama, where they are not permitted to enter in the first place,” Panama Minister of Foreign Affairs Erika Mouynes wrote for Foreign Policy magazine.

“Panama’s biometric identification measures have recognized and detained individuals linked to extremist groups attempting to pass through the country with migrants,” Mouynes said.

“Vice President Kamala Harris’s recent trip to Central America — her first official mission abroad — is emblematic of the weight the White House has placed on the issue of migration,” Mouynes wrote.

She continued. “Unfortunately, however, Panama was left off the itinerary of her two-day trip, which included stops in Guatemala and Mexico. This despite the unprecedented number of migrants attempting to cross our border through a treacherous area of jungle known as the Darién Gap.”

Mouynes said Panama is the most dangerous to migration. Unprecedented numbers of migrants [illegal aliens] from Haiti, Cuba, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East cross the Darién Gap on their way to Canada and the United States.

Mouynes said at the time, and that was at the end of 2021, that it was a humanitarian crisis, and she hoped that she could work something out with the Biden administration.


In the clip below, Bill Schmitt plays a clip of Secretary Mayorkas actually saying, “We’re dealing with a broken immigration system…we are challenged by an unprecedented level of displacement in the Western Hemisphere of historic proportions…we have responded with a model approach that has proven to work.”

Texas Rep. Chip Roy responded to that comment.

“It’s a model; it’s a model for death; it’s a model for despair; it’s a model for spending money that we don’t have; it’s a model for destroying our sovereignty as a nation; and endangering the very migrants he says he’s trying to protect.

“He lied to me under oath. He has totally destroyed what sovereignty and security we had at our border, which wasn’t where it needed to be, but what was moving in the right direction … and so now this is an individual who should no longer be at the top of the Department of Homeland security, and this is an agency that we should no longer provide funding until they actually do their job, which is to secure the homeland because the lives of Americans are at stake.”

He noted that with cartels having full operational control of the border, they are empowering China.


As for China, they are not sending their best. Representative James Lankford gave a devastating report this past week about the vast swaths of unvetted people they’re allowing into the country. He mentioned what is going on in Oklahoma alone.

We’ve had 15,000 people that have illegally crossed the border, many in the open desert area from China. When I talk to the folks from the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics at home, they tell me most of the criminal organizations that are growing illegal marijuana and facilitating drug trafficking in my state are Chinese nationals that have illegally crossed the border. [They] are partnering with Mexican cartels from Chinese criminal organizations to be able to do business and drug trafficking in my state.

“Those folks crossed between ports of entry were checked in at a Border Patrol station and waived into my country, and they’re now running criminal operations in my state – 15,000 Chinese nationals just this year.

“There are “10,000 citizens of Mauritania that have illegally crossed our border this year that we know of. Bonus points to anyone in this room who can point out Mauritania without looking it up on a map. Right now, 10,000 have come in, by the way. Mauritania, a fast-growing area in West Africa where al Qaeda is quickly accelerating

“We have exactly no criminal information exchange with Mauritania …we have no idea these individuals if they committed crimes in their home country why they left… we have no information about them – in an area that is literally a hotbed for al Qaeda.



  1. In the 30 months Democrats have been in charge, about 8 million illegals have entered the USA

    let s say that one in a thousand…no scratch that, one in ten thousand is a terrorist,

    that is 800 terrorists that no one is sure where they are or what they are doing.

    it only took 19 to kill 3000 Americans on 9-11

    Imagine what 800 could do.

    But the blind sheep are watching CNN, MSNBC, ABC, are reading the New York Times, the Washington post and they are told they are ASSURED that everything is fine, everything is under control…and they believe it…


  2. It’s hilarious, in a way, when you think about the copious video footage showing the constant deluge of incoming border jumpers…and then to hear Mayorkas say “No, REALLY! The border is secure. NEVER been more secure.”

    • Those old enough will remember cartoons in the 60s or 70s where Silvester the cat with yellow feathers sticking out of its mouth would swear he had not seen Twitty the canary bird

      That is Mayorkas,

      Illegals are oozing out of his ears, out his keister, out of his wazoo yet he tells us with a straight face the border is closed !


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