US Regime Outrageously Calls for All Sides to Exercise Restraint


Hamas has attacked Israel. As of this morning, 4,000 bombs were dropped, too many of them were direct hits. Militants are attacking innocent people in the towns in the south of Israel, killing women, men, and children. They are dragging women out of their homes, shooting them in the head, and raping their dead bodies.

Hamas has well over 100 kidnapped victims held hostage, over 100 dead, over 800 wounded, and the weapons are provided by Iran. We keep hearing that Putin’s a monster and Russians are terrible, but we just gave Iran $6 billion, and Biden is talking about giving them another $20 billion.

If the past is prologue, this money will go to attacking Israel and possibly the US or some other ally. Palestinian terrorists are supported by Iran, a vicious terrorist state seeking hegemony in the region.

That takes me to the following comment from the US Office of Palestinian Affairs. Whoever wrote this should definitely be fired. It’s disgraceful. The US is calling for all sides to exercise restraint. Israel is being viciously attacked; they are our allies; and this regime is calling for them to exercise restraint? This Democrat regime is unspeakably inept.

Terror and violence solve nothing??? Israel must use violence to defend itself and discourage future attacks.

Look at these monsters:



  1. The consequences of the 2020 stolen election , and of installing a criminal as President are getting worse every day.

    Biden gave billions to a rogue nation attacking Israel…giving tens of billions to corrupt capital Ukraine. …Is letting in millions of men of military fighting age… And so and so forth

    And everything indicates they wil steal as easily the 2024 election.

    People we call preppers are not so crazy after all, what is coming might be years of war, civil war , poverty , misery, crime…


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