US Ret. Adm. Suggests Escorts- Ready to Attack Russian Ships


Russia suspended the Black Sea Grain deal (food and fertilizers) a day after the agreement expired. They complained that the West didn’t implement their end of the deal, which was the part that helped Russia. After the Ukrainian attacks on the Kerch Bridge, Russia said they now want the right to inspect ships coming in.

Russian Amb. Polansky said the grain was used to hide munitions. Mercenaries would hang out because they wouldn’t be attacked. See Alex’s video below.

The Ukrainians are currently in the waters of the Black Sea, de-mining. Ukraine President Zelensky wants NATO to protect the ships of grain. It’s lucrative for him and he wants NATO in the war.

We are in dangerous times.


Retired US admiral and former NATO Supreme Allied Commander James Stavridis has proposed deploying alliance forces in the Black Sea and having them attack Russian warships if they attempt to target ships streaming into or out of Ukrainian ports.

“NATO and the US could escort the grain shipments at sea, something they have plenty of capability to do with three major NATO nations in the Black Sea,” Stavridis told US media, referring to Black Sea-adjacent NATO members Turkiye, Bulgaria, and Romania.

“With well-stated warnings to the Russian Black Sea fleet, NATO should return fire if a Russian warship were to attack a grain ship, essentially a humanitarian vessel operating in international waters,” the retired admiral added.

That is another escalation, and it sounds dangerous to us. Russia could turn around and show up off our shores too.

UN Amb. Dmitri Polyansky said Russia will return to the grain deal when the West fulfills seven conditions.

UN, July 21st – RIA Novosti. Moscow will return to the grain deal if seven conditions are met, Dmitry Polyansky, Russia’s first deputy permanent representative to the organization, said at a meeting of the UN Security Council.

“The first: this is a real, not a speculative, withdrawal from the sanctions of the supply of Russian grain and fertilizers to world markets.

Secondly, all obstacles for Russian banks and financial institutions that serve the supply of food and fertilizers should be removed,” he said. According to Polyansky, we are talking, among other things, about the immediate connection of these organizations to the SWIFT international banking settlement system. He stressed that Moscow would not be satisfied with any new promises and ideas on this issue.

In addition, as the Deputy Permanent Representative noted, it is necessary to resume supplies to Russia of spare parts and components for agricultural machinery and the fertilizer industry. He added that the cost of these parts for domestic manufacturers has increased by 40 percent. At the same time, the growth of costs in financial transactions amounted to about ten percent, and total losses reached $ 1.6 billion, the diplomat said.

The fourth condition is the solution of all issues with the freight ships and insurance of Russian food exports, as well as ensuring the entire logistics of these supplies. “The increase in the cost of freight of sea vessels for cargo transportation, the cost of international financial settlements and other transactions has led to a loss of profitability of deliveries by half,” Polyansky said.

In addition, according to the diplomat, it is necessary to ensure unhindered conditions for expanding the supply of Russian fertilizers and raw materials for their production. We are talking, among other things, about the resumption of the work of the Tolyatti-Odessa ammonia pipeline.

Polyansky called the unblocking of Russian assets related to the agricultural sector the sixth condition.

“Finally, the seventh is the restoration of the original humanitarian character of the grain deal.” It should work in the interests of countries in need, and not make rich countries richer,” he said.

The diplomat stressed that as soon as all these conditions are fulfilled, Moscow will immediately return to the grain deal. Nevertheless, now the representatives of Russia see and hear only demagoguery and hypocrisy, he summed up.

The Black Sea Initiative, signed last year by representatives of Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and the UN, ceased to operate on July 18th. Its conditions assumed the export of Ukrainian grain, food and fertilizers from three Black Sea ports, including Odessa. It was an integral part of the package agreement. The second part is the Russia-UN memorandum, designed for three years. As Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday, without fulfilling the points of the memorandum, “the continuation of the grain deal in the form in which it existed has lost all meaning.” According to him, Moscow will consider the possibility of returning to the implementation.

I guess that means no deal, and soon there will be a ship blowing up or fire exchanged. That will be the beginning of World War III in time for the election. We hear that Russia lays mines, but Ukrainians are accused of tht too, and they want to bring NATO into the war, even if it means World War III and nuclear war. Ukraine’s President Zelensky has been open about that. He said we shouldn’t be afraid of nuclear war.

This war needs to end – soon.

If you think World War III won’t happen, you should know that on Saturday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called a meeting of the newly-created Ukraine-NATO Council in connection with the suspension of the Grain Deal. He discussed the alliance with chief Jens Stoltenberg and “steps to unblock and ensure the sustainable operation of the grain corridor.” It’s upcoming.

Alex Discusses the Grain Deal

He has a different take on why Russia pulled out.



  1. Democrats don t care about the consequences, they care about themselves and what is in it for them.

    They love a crisis, it lets them use the strategy by those two guys who s names I cannot remember right now ( Cloward… Piven ? ) , using a crisis to impose changes that would be impossible to impose in normal times.

    They don t care that thousands are dying from Fentanyl, they don t care that tens of millions of illegals are in the USA, they don t care if WWIII happens, they are drunk with power and they want more.

    • …they also “skewered’ the unvaccinated death toll…by claiming deaths before 14 days +/- after the ‘jab’ DID NOT COUNT as Covid deaths…as the vaccine(?) would not yet had taken “effect”

      • Heck they are screwing with our minds big time….that did not come out as intended…in other words they are in effect saying that although you got the ‘jab’, if you died within 14 days of same, that the ‘jab’ had not taken ‘root’ and you were considered unvaccinated….would appear to cover two things….increase the unvaccinated death rate and the REAL death toll caused by the vaccine…

  2. The war hawks look for any excuse to get into the Black Sea. That is the best place to escalate the war and get the USA directly involved. Russia’s conditions seem to be about fair treatment. The west will of course not concede anything.

    Despite the NATO attempted encirclement of Russia, Russia has NATO blocked. Russia has the north, east and south of Ukraine blocked, assuming that Russia has nearly control of the Black Sea, and has disabled the Odessa port. To the west is Poland and northwest Belorussia. Belorussia has stated it will tolerate no hostility from Poland, and it has the arms to back that up. Hungary wants no part of the war. Romania and Bulgaria are not going to get involved. Turkey is a very shaky NATO member. I doubt it wants western navy to pass through its straits.

  3. Ordinarily this would be just incredible but under the past circumstances it isn’t surprising.

    “The retaliatory use of cluster munitions will once again indicate Russia’s unpreparedness for peace negotiations,” NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg.


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