Utah Gender Clinic Knew Horrendous Effects of “Care” on Children


America First Legal obtained smoking gun documents from a Utah Gender Clinic that prove they knew of deadly side effects and risks of permanent damage resulting from “transgender” drugs given to children.

The findings are horrendous:
  • The University of Utah’s “feminizing therapy options” admits that when biological males take estrogen, it can “cause some permanent” changes to the body, including chest growth and listing multiple “variable” lasting changes that remain unknown. Despite not knowing the reversibility of these drugs – this Utah gender clinic continues to administer them.
  • The “risk of feminizing therapy options” are lengthy – including “high blood pressure, blood clots, heart disease, diabetes, liver and kidney disease, non-cancerous tumors of the pituitary gland, gall stones, breast cancer, headaches and migraines, and loss of fertility.”
  • Additionally, the risks include “irreversible breast growth” – despite the fact that transgender activists have long berated the public about how these treatments are reversible.
  • The consent form requires minors to acknowledge disturbing changes to the body, including potential permanent shrinkages of testicles and sperm being “immature” and leading to an inability to cause a pregnancy – i.e., infertility.
  • Minors must also acknowledge that the risk of taking estrogen may result in heart attacks, pulmonary embolism, and strokes leading to death.
  • When it comes to “masculinizing therapy options,” minors are warned of the permanent side effects of taking testosterone as a biological female, including “scalp hair loss, deepened voice, facial and body hair growth, and clitoral enlargement.”
  • The clinic acknowledges that the use of testosterone for “gender-affirming hormone therapy” is not FDA-approved, and its use increases the risk of “high cholesterol, increased red blood cell count, heart disease, diabetes, liver disease, headaches and migraines, emotional changes, and loss of fertility.”
  • The clinic also acknowledges serious risks with taking “GnRH agonists” – or puberty blockers – including decreased bone density and even brain development, stating “we have no data on how the temporary absence of sex hormones might affect brain development.” Despite this, the clinic still encourages the use of puberty blockers to prevent “developing unwanted physical changes that could later require surgery to reverse.”
  • Notably, in the FAQ section of the consent form, the clinic claims the effects of puberty blockers are “fully reversible and there is no long-term effect on fertility related to the blockers after the blockers are stopped.” Yet, they admit to not having any data on brain development. The truth of the matter is that these drugs are being used experimentally and well may cause a loss in fertility.
  • These documents shed light on the insidious experiments being conducted on America’s children. Young children are being forced to sign documents acknowledging they become infertile and even die from these non-FDA-approved treatments. America First Legal is committed to continuing to expose the gruesome realities of the lie that is “gender-affirming care” and fight to protect children from these horrific “treatments.”

This evil must be stopped. Children can’t make life-altering decisions like this. Ian Prior calls it a morally bankrupt ideology. It’s also signaling a morally bankrupt society.

Read the full production here or below.

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  1. The backlash is coming. The goblins cannot hide. Trials will be occuring for years.
    Artificial will be scorned and the victims will be devastated.
    What is the penalty for assault and mutilation of minor?
    There is no statute of limitations.

  2. These are highly unprincipled, evil, greedy people. So are the parents. This is on a scale far beyond anything Mengele or anyone else has done.


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