“Very Concerning” Testimony About Paid Informants on Jan. 6


According to new testimony from Steven D’Antuono, formerly in charge of the bureau’s Washington field office, they lost track of how many paid informants were in the crowd on January 6, 2021. They know that at least one went into the capital with the crowd.

D’Antuono knew there would be paid informants, but he didn’t know they’d be coming from other field offices as well.

Today’s testimony was taken behind closed doors with the House Judiciary Committee led by Jim Jordan.

When asked how many paid informants there were, he said a “handful.”

Jordan found the testimony today “very concerning” and wants to know more about the vetting process for these informants. The FBI spends 42 million dollars a year on them.

Revelations during the testimony raised serious concerns about vetting.

“These revelations reinforce existing concerns, identified by Special Counsel [John] Durham, about the FBI’s use of, and payment to, CHSs who have fabricated evidence and misrepresented information.

“The Justice Department Inspector General also identified critical problems in the FBI’s CHS program,” Jordan added, “including the FBI’s failure to fully vet CHSs and the FBI’s willingness to ignore red flags that would call into question an informant’s reliability.”

Jordan wants a full briefing from FBI Director Wray.

Jim Jordan

Defense lawyers at the trial of five “Proud Boys” recently asserted that the FBI had as many as eight informants spying on the organization and that at least one was with them at the Capitol that day.

Former Capitol Hill Police Chief Steven Sund has said that, besides the paid informants, the FBI had at least 18 undercover agents in the crowd, plus an estimated 20 from the Department of Homeland Security.

Former Chief Sund sat for an interview with Tucker, and it was a bombshell. From the testimony:

“When you talk about the military, General Milley, you know we’re now finding out, and it’s not from me. This is from Carol Leonnig, you know, an investigative reporter with the Washington Post, has found that he was using data miner on his own, coming across intelligence …he’s picking up.

“Intelligence talking about killing members of Congress and attacking the United States Capitol, and he’s not telling me. He’s telling Select members of Congress. …that’s concerning as hell because as the chief of police, you know… there’s a duty to warn there, and I should be told so I can take the necessary action.

“I don’t know who else he was telling, but he sure wasn’t telling me. Again, what could possibly be the explanation for that? You know, I’m not really sure, you know, I’ve done many national special security events, and this was handled differently. No intelligence, no coordination, no discussion in advance.

“It’s almost like they wanted the intelligence to be watered down for some reason.”



  1. “It’s almost like they wanted the intelligence to be watered down for some reason.”

    Almost ?


    It was part of the plan.

    The more we learn about it, the more it is undeniable that Jan 6 was all planned by democrats and the FBI to entrap Trump supporter by encouraging them to do bad things, and of course by opening the Capitol doors FROM THE INSIDE.

    The fact that Wray and Garland and a few others become uncomfortable and stutter and refuse to answer when they are asked if there was undercover agents in the jan6 crowd

    The fact Democrats have held on to the video evidence not wanting anyone to see it

    The fact that the jan 6 committee after they were done destroyed their own work.

    The fact Pelosi and many other “high ups” refused to provide more cops or national guard.

    The fact Pelosi lied and said she never spoke to Chief Sund when he has evidence he talked to her 3 times on jan 6

    The fact Pelosi wanted Sund Fired

    The list goes on and on.

    Jan 6 was planned by democrats and the FBI, it was probably the biggest entrapment operation in US history.

    Democrats not only commit crimes they also always have a plan B or an inssurance in case the initial crime fails.

    they tried to destroy Trump to make him lose the 2016 election and when that failed they had as an insurance the Russia Russia hoax

    well after they rigged the 2020 election and failed to hide it better and feared the election could be investigated and it would expose their crime…they went to plan B , they went to their insurance ; they caused the jan6 riots.

    This is no longer debatable, it is fact.

  2. Jordan is a failure, 8 months laters he is collecting little tidbits. He voted to greately increase the FBI funding, while they were and still are defying Constitutional oversight. That is not leadership.

    • He is still one of the rare few who are trying to do something.

      half of republicans seem to be RINOs…

      but those like Jordan or Gaetz or Hageman may not be as good or as strong as we wish they were but at least they are doing something.


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