Victor Davis Hanson Outlines Trump’s Choices


Victor Davis Hanson spoke with John Anderson about the Donald Trump candidacy and examined Donald Trump’s choices going forward. He can be a tragic hero, and ride off into the sunset, or focus on the agenda he gave us. Or, he can concentrate on the wrongs done to him. Hanson says the latter “doesn’t matter now. What matters is the future of the United States and the world,” VDH told Anderson, who agreed.

“He’s putting himself into a paradox in an effort to get justice. Even if he were to achieve it, would be such a distraction and such controversy that his agenda would be overshadowed, and there’s people all over the United States that need that agenda.

“And so Donald Trump is going to have to decide which is more important to him – to be the leader of the Republican Party and to look ahead and not to do what he did in 2020 when he fixated on the election. He let the Georgia races, the two Senate races sort of, you know, he basically told his supporters that the vote won’t be valid…it distracted. So they elected two neo-socialists in Georgia of all places, and so that should have been a warning.

“So he’s going to have to get that message, to barnstorm the country and help these candidates, and not talk about what happened, and if he doesn’t take the responsibility to run on the agenda and to make sure that other people, other than himself win this time around, I think he’s going to be in real trouble.

“People who are running for office are going to tell him the 2020 election is history and to the degree that there is a legitimate criticism about the outcome, it was probably lost in March and April when their voting laws were changed, and that was not addressed by the Republicans.

“Right now we need to look at the future, and each moment that you go back there, you play into the fake narrative of an insurrection and fascism and that’s what they want you to do.

“The problem is with the Republicans that they are reactive. ‘Well, we’re not insurrectionists. You’re defaming us. We’re not fascist…’ they’re reacting to the news cycle, to these melodramas that are concocted, and it’s taken a lot of momentum … out of them.

“… at some point, some adult in the Republican Party is going to have to say, ‘Do your worst, and we’re going to do our best. We’re going to have a national agenda, and it’s going to be the antithesis of these disastrous two years, and we’re all going to be on the same page. And this is what we’re going to run on.’ And I think they’ll be OK.’”[wpdiscuz-feedback id=”yeh88ku5mh” question=”Please leave a feedback on this” opened=”0″][/wpdiscuz-feedback]

They’re forgetting one thing. The Leftists plan to imprison Donald Trump. That will be the inevitable distraction. It will take up all the time and the money. It will be difficult to focus on the agenda, but Trump has been attempting to do that in his speeches.





  1. This guy is basically trying to advise Trump and the pro-MAGA voters that they need to ignore the crimes and unquestionable amount of blatant treason that the DemonRats and the Deep State have committed against not only Trump, but against the entire 71 plus million Americans who voted for Trump and just go back to business as usual. No arrests, no charges filed, no trials, no convictions, and zero punishments.

    Hey, Victor. Would you mind explaining to us how that is not a recipe that will embolden these diabolically evil, lawless, America hating, Communist cockroaches to continue to commit even greater crimes against the foundations of this country? Knowing that gutless wimps like yourself will be leading the charge to let them get away with these crimes without any punishments being meted out?

    Victor David Hansen makes me want to puke. He is a propaganda spewing mouthpiece for the Communist Marxist left and the Deep State. That’s why this slimy worm gets invited on so many of these fake kwanservative / cuckservative news shows, who try to con their gullible audiences into thinking he is some kind of bottomless reservoir of wisdom and a brilliant political sage.

    What this country needs is arrests, charges filed, trials and convictions and then massive PUBLIC EXECUTIONS of every last Communist cockroach on the left or on the RINO fake right.

    • You know nothing of VDH. You are lending fuel to those who see Trump supporters as cultists. I don’t think that is true but you make it seem so. Are you aware that VDH wrote a book called “The Case for Trump”? And that it came at professional and personal cost to him?
      Think more deeply about things. This is not some Never-Trumper, for whom the RINO cliche applies. This is a very learned and wise man with a long history of being willing to buck the establishment republicans and, more than anyone, gave intellectual rationale for thinking conservatives to back Trump. He still wants Trump’s agenda to succeed. But he sees Trump as a tragic hero and if you can’t see that about him anymore, then you may have become a member of a cult of personality. Trump is a great but very flawed man. Most (all?) great men are. Why can’t you accept that and act accordingly?

      • The RINO manipulator VDH has created this farce, in which he makes expectations that Trump cannot keep, and should not keep, for the good of the USA. So, VDH is setting up Trump to be a failure, in VDH’s eyes, and maybe in the eyes of VDH’s gullible admirers.

  2. Richard Nixon moved on after JFK stole the 1960 election, and went on to defeat the warmonger Democrats, only to be kneecapped by the media – but he was able to get us out of Viet Nam.
    Trump is up against another leaque of election fraud. The entire US government is out to kill him. They will never let him be President again, but they will never let any Republican be President again. Washington DC is going to have to be crushed to restore any semblance of Freedom in the US. Trump is an invaluable asset for rallying the Resistance to Totalitarian Socialism.

    • I did not think of that similarity between Nixon and Trump.

      Plus, Watergate seems like a setup, since Nixon was so far ahead and had no motive to order the break ins. Ordering the break ins would have been an incredibly foolish act, just as would have been Trump forming a deal with Russia.

  3. That is just a bunch of RINO propaganda, cleverly stated. This man is a manipulator. His only skill is rhetoric, being a classics professor. The focus belongs on the failure of this nation, not on trying to box Trump into a corner. The USA is the victim, not Trump. VDH is a liar and very Mitch-like. He is still on this distorted slant about Georgia senate elections. The GOP lost because it partnered with the dems, in the form of election crimes, with the dems. That included the governor, AG and SoS. It does not take a supposed genius to understand that. The idea that Trump lost those races by stating the obvious is ridiculous. One candidate was a rich gal handed the job by the elites. She was weak. Collins deserved the spot. Collins was a solid conservative, not the type VDH would appreciate. The other was a RINO forced in by Mitch’s crowd, after they smeared Collins left and right in the media and party. (VDH uses his soft style of smearing someone in this very dialog, against Trump.)

    The past is very relevant to an intelligent person. The recent past of the stolen elections applies fully today, but not to a RINO propagandist. Their tools are distraction and demonization.

    In many cases, voting laws were not changed, they were violated, making VDH again a liar.

    I do not accept VDH telling me what we must do, look to the future. I am not part of any we which VDH is a part of. Trump has been talking in great detail the past year about his plans and policies, those apply to the future. VDH cannot point out any candidate who is close to Trump on that, thus again invalidating a VDH point. To characterize Trump as obsessed with the past is an outright lie.

    A stolen election with a protest is not an insurrection. Look how carefully VDH always shields any thought of the election coup. Notice how he injects the words fascism and insurrection into the dialog, where they do not belong.


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