Viktor Orban: China’s Overtaking the US – Europe Will Be Poor


Europe considers Viktor Orban a problem because he doesn’t support the war and tells them things they don’t want to hear. During a recent speech, he told them what he thinks and warned them of their bleak future. Instead of listening, they cast further aspersions.

Thanks to sanctions and the war, Viktor Orban warned, Europe will end up a lot poorer. He stated the obvious – the sanctions don’t work.

It’s hard to believe the Europeans didn’t know they wouldnt work. It’s easy to believe Joe Biden didn’t know, but none of these leaders didn’t?

For decades, the US has given away manufacturing, and Biden accelerated the process.

“[China] has become a manufacturing powerhouse and is now overtaking America,” Orban said in his annual speech in Baile Tusnad in Romania’s Eastern Transylvania.

He said there will inevitably be a confrontation between these two world leaders when China overtakes the US as the world’s leading economic power.

Orban didn’t spare Europe with his prediction of their future.

The EU is already “rich but weak,” he said, adding that it would further lose its competitive advantages due to its determination to impose sanctions on Russia.

The idea that Russia can be separated from the world economy through various restrictions is an “illusion,” he warned. Orban said the EU has already witnessed the results of its erroneous decisions, adding that “others buy Russian energy instead of us, and we pay more for energy than ever before.”

According to Orban, the UK, and Italy would drop out of the world’s top ten economies, and Germany would fall to 10th place, down from its current fourth position. He said that a significant part of the European economy is still linked to Russia despite all the rhetoric about sanctions.



  1. Countries such as Hungary and Czech. will migrate away from the EU and associate more with Russia, for survival. The West is killing anything it can envelop.


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