Vindman Loses It Over the Schiff Censure


Alexander Vindman isn’t taking Adam ‘Shifty’ Schiff’s upcoming censure well. He claims Schiff’s doing “valiant work” and is an “honorable” man. Schiff provably lied during the RussiaGate coup to frame Donald Trump. The Durham report confirmed that.

Vindman predicts McCarthy will only be a “footnote” in 2024 and will go down as “one of the worst speakers in this nation’s history.”

“You’re not a 10th the man Adam is,” Vindman unbelievably said.

Unsurprisingly, he supports a congenital liar. Vindman himself is a perjurer.

He called Kristina Wong a “b**ch” and then blocked her.


Vindman is probably unstable. He once said Elon Musk is like Joseph Goebbels.

Vindman was also the deep-throat in the Ukraine impeachment. There was no whistleblower, just this unhinged Democrat.

A Lt. Col. reprimanded Vindman He had plenty to say about him on Twitter.

“Do not let the uniform fool you,” Hickman wrote. “He is a political activist in uniform.” Retired Army Officer Remembers Lt. Col. Vindman as Partisan Democrat Who Ridiculed America.

Lt. Col. Hickman, a retired combat Army officer, said that during simulation exercises, Vindmann denigrated the USA to Russians. He caused discomfort.

He described Vindman as “apologetic of American culture and laughed about Americans not being educated or worldly.” Vindman “talked up Obama and globalism to the point of uncomfortable.”

Hickman said Vindman laughed with Russians at the expense of the U.S. personnel. It was very uncomfortable and unprofessional. Hickman found officers and subordinates were uncomfortable around him.

Vindman, then a Major, was bashing Americans before a subordinate. That’s when Lt. Col. Hickman reprimanded him.

The censors removed the tweets, but I saved them here.



  1. First of all, LtCol Vindman you have no opinion while wearing that uniform, the only thing you have is the Constitution. You want an opinion then take off that uniform while doing it and do not refer to yourself as LtCol. The best thing you can do is keep his mouth shut and follow orders given by immediate leader. If you feel that order is not valid then you have a means to deal with it through the UCMJ. Other than that, while in uniform and being referred to as LtCol there is no opinion. Your oath was to the people of the United Sates of America NOT to any person or leader. You are part of the problem on why this nation is divided.

  2. Thanks for saving the record of the tweets and reminding us of the lying that was used to impeach Trump.
    I think Lt. Col. Hickman said it well: I pray our nation will drop this hate, vitriol & division, & unite as our founding fathers intended!

    • Problem is, we cannot “unite” with people who hate our country & want to destroy it.
      Vindman should be investigated to determine whom he’s really serving.


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