Virgin Islands Dem Slips, Says Trump should Be “Shot”…”Stopped”


A Democrat from the Virgin Islands named Stacey Plaskett was trashing Donald Trump for the boxes of documents at Mar-a-Lago. Delegate Plaskett said Trump needed to be “shot.” She quickly self-corrected and said, “stopped.”

Well, shooting usually does that. It’s quite a slip of the tongue given the hatred Democrats spew day and night about Donald Trump.

Hopefully, the Secret Service will investigate her.

She thinks we should be terrified of Donald Trump, but maybe we should be more afraid of her and people like her.

Plaskett is another mindless, hate-filled Democrat. Nothing new. This is the type of people we see flourishing in this Democrat Party.



  1. Wonder if this is the commie bitch who got that lady AG fired that was going after the banks supporting Pedophiles Island?

  2. Does anyone take these roaches seriously? Their behavior is setting them back decades. More and more people are fed up. I see it on social media, even on liberal sites. This country needs a good enema to clear out the poison.

    • Churchill was the ONLY politician openly taking Hitler seriously and warning people. When he was asked, “how do you know that about Hitler”: Churchill responded, “I read his book!”

      Many have read and/or researched the enemies stuff!


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