WaPo Tries to Cancel Dave Portnoy: Pizza Makers Strike Back


The Washington Post tried to stir up a boycott of Dave Portnoy’s One Bite Pizza Festival, by reporting on every negative piece of gossip they could find on him.

Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports called the Washington Post reporter he heard was writing a hit piece on him without contacting him for his side of the story. WaPo had two authors on the hit – Emily Heil and Tim Carman. Portnoy called Emily and taped her. She soon showed herself to be a soulless weasel. Heil kept insisting it’s honest journalism, not a hit piece.

Emily claimed she was planning to speak with him the next day – the day the article would go to print. After he exposed her as a snake, he made an appointment to speak the next day at 10. Heil canceled that morning and said they could speak at 5, only a few hours before print, so Portnoy refused.

The hit piece was written, but despite WaPo’s best efforts, they failed, and his One Bite Pizza Fest was a hit. WaPo reported a fake story about backlash and clearly wanted the pizza festival boycotted. But the pizza owners love Dave Portnoy because he helped them during the pandemic. He saved hundreds of businesses.

WaPo headlined the story, Pizzerias navigate buzz, backlash around Dave Portnoy’s pizza festival. Even though Emily Heil claimed it was not a hit piece, she jumped right to accusations of misogyny, homophobia, and racism. By the end, it took you on an endless tour of Dave Portnoy’s so-called controversies, highlighting his alleged bullying tactics.

But at least it wasn’t a hit piece, right, weasels?

So, WaPo failed, and they look like weasels. They can’t cancel people so easily anymore. If you fight back, you can beat them.

Five thousand showed up in the pouring rain!

Pizzamakers are the best!

We’re all on to you, baby.



  1. Calling back also works with Indian scammers. I harassed one in particular for over an hour who ended up getting Furious saying, ‘quit harassing me’. The call ended up being a ‘pleasure’.


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