We Might See Mitt Romney Lose His Next Election


Mitt Romney an awful Senator.

Sen. Mitt Romney is an all-around negative in the Senate. He took over where John McCain left off in moving the Senate to the Democrat camp on far too many issues. There is now hope of replacing him. Riverton Mayor Trent Staggs is an “America First” candidate who says he is “truly committed” to Utah.” That already puts him heads above Mitt, and he’s going for Romney’s spot.

It’s a mystery to me why Mitt is so popular in mostly-conservative Utah, but his popularity is waning.

The latest poll from Desert News/Hinckley Institute of Politics found that just 41 percent of Utah voters approved of Romney, while 49 percent disapproved and 10 percent were unsure.

Mr. and Mrs. Staggs, their children and the dog.

Mayor Staggs told RSBN that he believed he could overcome the senator’s name recognition due to his low support among constituents and his anti-Utah voting record.

According to 538, Romney has also voted for Joe Biden’s agenda nearly 60 percent of the time since January, a major backstab of his state’s constituents.

Romney also supported the impeachments of President Donald Trump, voting to convict the 45th president both times, a move that Staggs called purely “personal.”

“I thought it was not reflective of the will of the majority of Utahans. It was incredibly personal in my view,” said Staggs. “I think Mitt Romney has demonstrated that he allows personal beefs to get in the way of good governance.”

“[Utahans] deserve somebody who is truly committed to the state, who’s going to represent their will, the values, and principles of the state, and be here,” he added.

Read more of the interview at RSBN.

As Mayor Staggs said, “Joe Biden encouraged Mitt Romney to run for the Senate.” That’s true, and it makes clear who and what Mitt Romney is.

Mr. Romney only fights for the establishment, the woke agenda, open borders, impeaching Donald Trump, and voting to dig us deeper into debt:



  1. Mormons are very preferential towards Mormons, which explains Romney having any popularity there.

    Mitch’s corrupt RINO machine will throw its resources in to reelect Romney. Utah is an easy small state for the RINO machine to triumph in.

  2. I bet Staggs doesn’t allow his dog to ride on the roof of his car like Pierre Delecto does. Mistreating an animal tells me all I need to know about a person.


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