WH Is Furious That FBI Director Wray Might Be Held in Contempt


House Oversight Chair James Comer is drafting contempt legislation against FBI Director Christopher Wray.

I don’t understand why they need legislation. Christopher Wray is defying a lawful subpoena from Congress. They have oversight of the FBI. The FBI is hiding a memo known as an FD-1023 form that includes information by a confidential human source alleging A bribery scheme involving Biden when he was vice president. Wray did say they lawmakers could visit FBI headquarters and look at it in a private room.

We know about the June 2020 memo from a whistleblower.

Meanwhile, the White House is infuriated at the attempt to hold FBI Director Wray in contempt of Congress. White House spokesman Ian Sam’s lashed out against House Republicans.

“This silly charade by @JamesComer is yet another reminder that his so-called investigations are political stunts not meant to uncover facts but to spread thin and innuendo to attack the president get himself immediate attention and the Fox News spotlight,” Sam’s posted on Twitter.

It’s about oversight and who’s boss, not a political stunt.

The charge is very serious. Why won’t they just give it up? It makes no sense. They are unelected bureaucrats telling the people’s representatives what to do.

The weaponized FBI runs a rogue agency. As the top law enforcement agency, that is dangerous.

Democrats have a lot of moxie and always take the offensive.



  1. I am not a lawyer, I am only copy-pasting parts of what I found,

    3 things can be done about Wray not cooperating,

    1. Criminal contempt;
    2. Civil contempt; and
    3. Congress’s inherent contempt powers.

    -1- Criminal contempt requires the DOJ to agree to prosecute . Penalties for violations (a misdemeanor) include a fine of up to $100,000 and a jail term of one to 12 months,( with ultra corrupt Democrat Merrick Garland that will not happen )

    -2- Civil contempt ” … If the DOJ or U.S. Attorney’s Office refuses to prosecute a case where an individual has been cited for contempt of Congress, lawmakers may pursue a civil suit in federal court. …” ( Do Republicans have the balls, the spines to do that ?…)

    -3- Inherent contempt power of Congress

    ” … The offender, after being cited for contempt of Congress, is tried on the floor of the chamber of Congress invoking the power. If a majority affirms the contempt charge, they may instruct the Sergeant at Arms to arrest the offender and detain them until they comply with the subpoena or until the end of the session. … ” ( I would love this one to happen but I will not hold my breath )

  2. I don’t understand why FBI Director Wray isn’t already in the Congressional Brig. If the Congress would do their job, they would need a much Larger Brig.

    Maybe Wray should be placed in the same jail that J6 Patriots were held in and under the same conditions.

  3. Whatever contempt text needs to be written, real men would have had that ready to go months ago. The nation is burning and Comer plays patty cake.

    Notice all Kentucky (Mitch’s state where he has huge power over funding) members voted for the RINO sellout bill. Kentucky is very conservative, but you lose funding if you support debt control with Mitch in charge.

    What fun, the soap opera on the RINO Channel, while McCarthy dallies to allow the floor vote. Maybe he can arrive at a compromise in which Comer gets black sheets of paper. Faux will get lots of audience while gullible people get their entertainment.


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