WH Officials Predict They Won’t Find The Cocaine Culprit


According to a story from NBC News based on conversations with “anonymous” sources “familiar” with the situation, it “is unclear how long the bag was in the White House” and the “blurry timeline and number of people who walk through the area where the cocaine was found could make it difficult to determine who was responsible for the substance.”

I wish I was making this up.

So, Secret Service found it in a routine patrol. When I’ve been to the White House, there were guards everywhere. Do people generally come in with their cocaine and drop it off in the library?

They can’t establish a timeline either and don’t know how long it was in the library?

Politico says the culprit will unlikely be found. One anonymous official familiar with the investigation cautioned that the source of the drug was unlikely to be determined given that it was discovered in a highly trafficked area of the West Wing.

The library in the West Wing is heavily trafficked?


The small amount of cocaine was found in a cubby area for storing electronics within the West Exec basement entryway into the West Wing, where many people have authorized access, including staff or visitors coming in for West Wing tours.

Asked what the chances were of finding the culprit, the official said that “it’s gonna be very difficult for us to do that because of where it was.”

“Even if there were surveillance cameras, unless you were waving it around, it may not have been caught” by the cameras, added the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity given that it’s an ongoing investigation. “It’s a bit of a thoroughfare. People walk by there all the time.”

Investigators have tapes and likely have regular patrols. The Secret Service could test for fingerprints and rule out Hunter, but they aren’t doing that. The White House isn’t assisting in the probe.

This is not suspicious at all.

KJP gave a lame alibi for the First Family that they were out of the White House when the cocaine was found. So what?

Here is the historic KJP being very vague. She won’t say where the cocaine was found.

I wonder who would have brought cocaine into the White House? Where should they even look?
Hunter with cocaine.
A Fox Business host rushed to Hunter’s defense.

Okay, Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent explains here it had to be one of the protectees – one of the Biden family:



  1. The White House is now claiming the cocaine was found in a “much more secure place” near the situation room.?????

  2. This was probably just some nose candy to keep the narcoleptic, dementia patient awake for a rare press appearance. It couldn’t possibly belong to Hunter! The mainstream media says you should be ashamed for coming to such an obvious conclusion. But if it was Hunter’s bag, it must be bigger than a dime bag. He really likes the smell of cocaine.

    As The Prisoner noted, only a privileged person would walk into the WH with a bag of cocaine. They search the unprivileged.

    • The Prisoner’s comment about “privilege” was exactly right. And we all knew this from the moment it was first reported, even before they launched their campaign of lies to obfuscate the truth. If it’s Hunter’s, we all knew, in advance, that it cannot be investigated. You would have an easier time getting a search warrant to search the inside of an alien spacecraft. Hunter is a princeling and he can do no wrong.

      I’ve been wondering for some time whether he reminds me more of the old stories of Qusay Hussein, or the elder son, Uday? Saddam’s princeling sons were rather infamous for their wealth, parties, drugs, prostitutes (or sex slaves) and their sadistic personalities. Was any of this true? Probably not, especially since the information came from Western sources! (There’s really only one approved Western news source, the CIA). Most likely they were just projecting Hunter’s life onto the Hussein sons. Anything else is “disinformation” that must be banned! Stop thinking what you’re thinking or you will be prosecuted, not the princeling.

      Do you believe the liars that are running our country into the ground? If you do, then I suppose you think someone could also drop a bag of pathogenic or explosive material into the same highly trafficked area of the WH and its origin would be just as equally baffling! No clue! Days later, we just give up! It’s just unknowable how this stuff got there, in one of the most secure, guarded areas of the country. Yeah, right. These people only know how to lie and cheat. It’s all they know! It’s how they get into power. It’s also how they stay in power, and it’s why our elections cannot be trusted, either.

      When you see a concentration of this many corrupt officials at the top, you know this administration didn’t even start as a legitimate enterprise. We The People, did not vote for these crooks.

  3. Actually the truth is that White House officials KNOW who the culprit is but have to pretend they cannot find out…because the culprit is Hunter Biden…

    and anyone connected to Democrats is above the law and has been above the law for decades.

    The DOJ, FBI, CIA and any other agencies and even the secret services have been on a mission to hide the crimes of democrats for decades.

    Hillary is a very good example of this.

    but when the FBI bent over backwards to hide Hunter’s laptop and that lasted YEARS …that too is an excellent example – in fact it is EVIDENCE – of how deep and far the protection of guilty democrats goes.

    They are a crime syndicate protected by the people who represent the law.

    I am not kidding, not saying this in jest, not exaggerating, I am stating what is now undeniable.

    They are a crime syndicate protected by the people who are the law.

  4. “According to a story from NBC News based on conversations with ‘anonymous’ sources ‘familiar’ with the situation, it ‘is unclear how long the bag was in the White House’ and the ‘blurry timeline and number of people who walk through the area where the cocaine was found could make it difficult to determine who was responsible for the substance.'”

    Oh. Fascinating. Well, anyway, this really oughta take a lot of pressure of drug abusers, and shoot, even dealers, since law enforcement, and even the vaunted Secret Service, just shrugs and walks away when bags of this garbage are found. “Duh, we dunno what it is for sure, and duh, we dunno where it came from, and duh, we dunno how long it’s been there, and duh, we’ll never be able to figure this out, duh, it’s so complicated, eh? Duh.”

    Excellent. The Secret Service has just declared themselves 100% incapable of doing anything.

    • They know it is Hunter’s cocaine but they have to pretend they have no idea…they are part of the crime syndicate …on a mission to protect democrats from the consequences of their crimes.

  5. The MINUTE it was reported, “suspicious white powder found in WH West Wing, Hazmat called in”

    The JOKES BEGAN on Social Media along with pics of Hunter sucking up his beloved white powder (hooker and “dick-pics” omitted).

    No, we’ll never know because the will now LET us know. Just as we’re still waiting for the Tennessee shooters manifesto; what REALLY happened in the Vegas mass shooting, release of Epstein’s black book … the list goes on and on.

    The WORST part of this – “they,” MSM, DemLeft, MSM, DC Swamp ACTUALLY THINK we are THAT stupid. That we actually BELIEVE the Crap Sandwiches they are perpetually serving.

    • Not so surprising that there ARE lots “THAT stupid”. They were weaned on the propaganda/gaslighting of the corrupt MSM over the past fifty + years and are not even aware that they ARE stupid…

  6. Of course not because they don’t want to. All you had to do was watch that video of Hunter on the balcony as he does a coke sniff to get the rest of it up into his brain. This talentless idiot Cassone y is just trying to hang on as Fox turns liberal. She’s looking for a spot so she has to suck up. Bring kneepads Cheryl!

    • Only a privileged person is going to bring cocaine in there. No one else is going to bring it into a secure building and risk going to the DC gulag. These people are screened. A non-privilege visitor with cocaine certainly will not take it out, thus exposing it, and put it somewhere.


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