What the Hay Is This Bud Light? Another Clueless Ad?


Bud-Light seriously needs to look for some new marketing people. Each of their commercials is making things worse. The last commercial had a bunch of men grunting. I guess that’s how they see their customers. Before that, they overdid it with a Clydesdale running across America in a hackneyed patriotic sort of way.

The commercials were great when they were funny and slightly suggestive. What made them change into an ESG monster, we can’t say, and we don’t understand what they’re trying to do now either.

This latest commercial is captioned, “It’s fine, This is fine.” Only, it’s not fine. It shows a storm blowing away a picnic, including the Bud Light can. Throughout it all, a woman is eating a watermelon. She must really love watermelon.

The problem in the commercial is that the Bud Light can blew away. The only message you can get from this is they are not weathering the storm and this woman loves watermelon.


Perhaps Bud Light’s next commercial should depict someone with a can of Bud Light jumping the shark.

People didn’t respond well to the commercial. They said it’s a perfect metaphor for what’s going on at Bud Light. The storm is destroying them, blowing everything away. At least they used a real woman this time.

Their stock continues to plunge simultaneously, and Modelo Especial is now the top-selling beer brand in the United States for the second month in a row. Bud Light used to hold that spot until they used a man to pretend he was a woman. The boycott continues for all of Anheuser Bushe’s brands. It doesn’t help that they sponsor some really gross LGBTQIA festivals and performances.

Bud Light is an easy thing to boycott. There are other choices. The Ads probably won’t make a difference anyway.

If they came out and disavowed this whole crazy ESG movement, that might work. If they said they’re no longer WOKE, maybe that would help. But they are Woke, and everyone now knows it.




    • the apology will be horsepiss, like their piss water beer. why go back, we know where they stand. they’re no longer an american company, sold out to a german conglomerate in 2016

  1. Promotion of deviant behavior is only a tiny component in the demonic machine currently destroying civilization. Evil is winning and people are doing nothing of substance to stop it.

  2. Even though Busch is owned by some EU conglomerate now, American workers may loose their jobs over this. EU lefties just don’t understand Americans. Promoting Transgenderism is a step to far and would never have increased your sales at all.

  3. I doubt that despite the fall of Bud Lite stock and the closing of factories will result in Transhueser Busch’s CIA operative CEO being canned.

  4. AB is putting out more disturbing propaganda, defying its customers, stubbornly not apologizing, sticking to its ESG/DEI policy. It is intentional. The CIA CEO is steering the ship.

  5. I don’t blame the lady. A good watermelon is very hard to find. Like finding a good tomato. Find one, stick with it.


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