Where’s Kamala? A (Maybe Not) Conspiratorial Theory


Is it just us, or has Vice President Kamala Harris, been even more conspicuously absent from public view in recent weeks?

It’s not like we miss her terribly but an occasional appearance might take some of the spotlight off Joe Biden’s stunning cognitive decline.

He continues to shows all the signs of a worsening dementia.

So buckle up dear readers.  Here it goes.

Sooner or later the press is going to be unable to hide Joe’s inability to serve in office. We think, based on the last few horrific weeks he’s had, it will come sooner than most think.

Kamala is hardly much of an upgrade. There are whispers she likes her share of adult beverages, and it’s always “happy hour” somewhere.

Can’t think of too many appearances when she hasn’t acted and sounded a “bit tipsy”. If you’re an already highly scrutinized American VP “day drinking” before a publicized event, you may have a problem.

Then there’s a looming double barreled collapse of the Biden house of cards.

First, we have his deteriorating mental and physical health. Second is the growing number of corruption scandals. Not that cynical Dem pols, or even Dr. Jill, give much of a care about Joe’s well being. But if he’s gonna threaten their power, that’s serious stuff.

Harris would need to be on call. And having someone who’s failed at almost every job she’s been assigned being a faint heartbeat away from the presidency, would inspire very little confidence. Especially when her failures are constantly punctuated by awkward, unfunny bursts of laughter.

Maybe, just maybe, Kam has been silently whisked away to a secret facility where she can be anonymously treated for her problem cackling, possibly caused by too much “day drinking.”

After all, sobriety is nothing to giggle at, especially if you’re next in line to be “leader of the free world.”

Just sayin’.



  1. Not to far fetched to think that the EVIL ONES are up to traditional NO GOOD!!!
    There is nothing too far fetched for the Party of PERVERTS…..

  2. Thanks James for a thoughtful analysis.
    Perhaps they also have her hidden to prevent more gaffs or an assassination attempt, cause if she died and then Biden ‘died’ The Republican Speaker of the House would be president.

  3. The audiences of the corrupt Main sewer Stream fake Media are incapable of cognitive thought….and they are many…Pray people!!!


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