White House Opposes Merit in Lieu of DEI Military Promotions


The Biden administration has issued a statement outlining its opposition to a provision within the latest military spending bill that would require promotions within the military be based on merit and NOT immutable characteristics like gender and race.

The Biden Administration strongly objects to the NDAA interfering in their DEI efforts in favor of merit promotions. They think diversity is having allotments by gender, sexual preferences, and race. This is despite the military failing to attract the needed numbers of enlistees.

Transgender military

The statement reads, “Diversity Equity, Inclusion, Access (DEIA) and other Relevant Provisions. The Administration strongly opposes the House’s sweeping attempts (sections 364, 523, 566, 595, 596, 598, 904, and 1046) to eliminate the Department’s longstanding DEIA efforts and related initiatives to promote a cohesive and inclusive force.

“As articulated in the 2022 NDS, one of the Department’s top priorities is building a resilient Joint Force and defense enterprise. DoD’s strategic advantage in a complex global security environment is the diverse and dynamic talent pool from which we draw.

“We rely on diverse perspectives, experiences, and skillsets to remain a global leader, deter war, and keep our nation secure. Moreover, DoD is committed to developing and maintaining a dignified, respectful, and safe workplace.

They even claim DEI is necessary for a positive work environment.

“Legislation that reduces DoD’s ability to create a positive work environment and fully leverage the best our nation has to offer puts the Department at a strategic disadvantage.”

This is wholly un-American, and it is Marxist.

What skillset does someone have because their skin is not white or they don’t know what their gender is?

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) supported the move to strip DEI provisions from military promotions, adding, “What we’re trying to do is move to a colorblind, race-neutral worldview, where we’re focused on building a national defense and a military that is focused on, you know, blowing things up and killing people, not on social engineering wrapped in a uniform.”

“The men and women serving our country deserve much better than a commander-in-chief who reduces them to their sex and the color of their skin,” Rep. Jim Banks told The Federalist. “It’s offensive, unconstitutional, and dangerous!”

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) called the White House’s rebuff of the provisions he wrote — both the merit clause and the clauses repealing Biden’s DEI initiatives — a “badge of honor,” adding, “Wokeness is a cancer that will destroy our military from the inside out if we don’t stop it,  reports Daily Wire.

Rep. Lauren Boebert tweeted, “Biden just came out against merit-based promotions in the military, preferring to continue using race as a factor. China and Russia aren’t using DEI to choose their military leaders. I’m sure they’re very glad we are.”



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