Why Is Impeachment Over the Border Ignored


Former Trump aide Stephen Miller was on Life, Liberty, and Levin Sunday evening, and you need to hear what he says. Miller wonders why we aren’t impeaching Joe Biden for destroying our borders instead of simply worrying about old crimes. Impeachment for treason at the border is cut and dry. Biden and his staff have ignored immigration law and are destroying national security and safety.

STEPHEN MILLER: “If you, as president of the United States, betray your country and you are complicit in grievous acts against that country, then that in and of itself is the basis for impeachment.

“Let’s be more concrete. What Joe Biden has done with the dissolution of our southern border, the eradication of our national sovereignty and the suspension of hundreds of pages of duly enacted immigration law satisfies every single condition of impeachment.

“You cannot have a president who is at war with his own country, who is sabotaging on a daily basis the safety, the sanctity, the security of his nation.

“And let’s be even more specific about this. Human trafficking is a felony. That is a high crime. If you human-traffic a single individual, you could go to jail for many years. How many people has Joe Biden trafficked? Millions. How many children has he smuggled into this country? Millions. How many people have died as a result of the drugs that he has let in through his willful and deliberate policy choices? Hundreds of thousands. High crime, by every one of those, is a basis to impeach and remove this man, and let’s have this debate. Let’s send it to the Senate on top of the bribery, on top of the influence peddling, on top of the tax crimes, on top of all of that, his complete and total betrayal of the American Republic?

MARK LEVIN: “Beautifully said, and you know, Stephen Miller, you have a Biden regime that’s trying to put Donald Trump in prison for the rest of his life on almost 100 charges, really in every imaginable way, and then you have Senate Republicans who say where’s the evidence for even an impeachment. Where you’re distracting us. We’ve got all this great legislation we want to pass, and we have to save our own political butts and you people in the house with your impeachment inquiry, you’re going to ruin all of it for us. What do you say to them? Well, it’s always the same story, Mark, with Senate Republicans.

STEPHEN MILLER: “This body in its luxurious slumber, resting peacefully, always waiting for some fight that never comes. Our Republic is being destroyed now before our very eyes. They are trying to put Donald Trump in prison for political dissent, for free speech violations, for thought crimes, for using the legal process to challenge an election, and they aren’t just, as you mentioned, just trying to put him in jail for two years or five years but for nearly 1000 years. They have more indictments against him than anyone would ever think to do in North Korea, Russia or any Banana Republic all around this world.

“This is pure fascism, and we’re sitting around saying, oh, let’s just keep everything nice and calm; let’s just wait for the election.

“I don’t remember when Donald Trump won in 2017, all of the Democrats saying, hey, let’s just be calm, let’s work with the guy, let’s just try and go along and get along, and we’ll deal with this in four years. They spent every waking moment trying to stop Donald Trump. Now you have an actual lawless president…



  1. I’ve ask this question and a few more for a while now. I simply do not understand it. But I’ve come to the conclusion that the sentiment from both the president and the parties is. What are you going to do about it? Republicans have become the controlled opposition in government. The intelligence agencies are the controllers. If one believes the FBI and CIA combined with the military are your friends. In this day and time. You need to wake the hell up.

  2. I have news for the masses. The torn down border is all by design. All the governments of Europe did the same thing allowing middle East maniacs and Africians to inundate their countries. Now they have violence and crime on a grand scale. The NWO has ordered that the USSA government do the same to the once great USA. They want to destroy this nation just like Europe and build it back better as a socialist controled prison complete with 15 minutes cities, forced shots for depopulation, digital IDs and social credit scores.

    • Great post. Thank you for the link. I believe some Republicans are protecting Biden because if he goes down, he’ll take many with him.


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