Wisconsin Governor Calls for Prosecution of “Fake Electors”


Wisconsin’s far-left Governor, Tony Evers, has joined the worst of the Democrats and is calling for the arrest of the “fake electors.”

Several state legislatures authorized “alternate electors” who would theoretically object to the results during the electoral certification on January 6, 2021.

The plan — spearheaded by Trump attorneys John Eastman, Rudy Giuliani, and others — had constitutional precedent. The hard left immediately criminalized it.

Vice President Mike Pence refused to hear objections formally, and that was it.

Sixteen alternate electors in Michigan were recently charged with felonies by the state’s far-left Attorney General. They could go to prison for decades. They are called “false or fake electors,” but these people followed legal advice and were assured of their right to take on these roles. The alternate electors weren’t accepted, and nothing happened. Most of them are elderly; one man is 82 years of age. They followed a legal opinion.

Tony Evers, pretending to be casual.


On Friday, Evers said he wants his political opponents prosecuted.  The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel asked if he would have faith in the state’s elections if the “fraudulent electors” were not prosecuted. “Well, no,” the Democratic governor said.

Democrat Attorney General Josh Kaul told reporters that he “can neither confirm nor deny the existence of an investigation” in Wisconsin. “It’s critical that people who committed crimes with the intent of overturning the results of an election are held accountable,” Kaul said.

Well, I guess we have his answer.

It’s another tactic by the very hard left to take control of this country.

On Friday, he wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, “What those ten fake electors did was wrong. People have to be held accountable for that, and I hope to hell somebody does.”

The frauds are Democrats. They won’t let Republicans use the same tactics they themselves use. If they try, they’ll imprison them.

This is getting more and more absurd by the day. We are now a Banana Republic that imprisons its political opponents.

Democrats are a threat to democracy.



  1. Imagine thinking you’re a member of The Resistance at this point.
    The FBI stands with Joe.
    The CIA stands with Joe.
    The DHS stands with Joe
    The courts stand with Joe
    The Democrat Establishment stands with Joe.
    The Republican Establishment stands with Joe.
    Big Tech stands with Joe.
    Hollywood stands with Joe.
    The BIG BANKS stand with Joe
    Academia stands with Joe.
    The Media stands with Joe.
    The Military Industrial Complex stands with Joe.
    The CCP stands with Joe – they own Joe
    George Soros stands with Joe.
    Klaus Schwab stands with Joe.
    The American people stand with Trump.
    Does Anyone realize that our ONLY Ally is Vladimir Putin!

    • Excellent list. As for your last point, the answer is yes. And albeit slowly, the number of those upon whom this realization is dawning, is growing.

  2. These ‘felons’ have been working on their “game plan” for over fifty years…and succeeding Good is NOW Evil…You may find that the time to utilize the 2ND may have gone by without notice???You’ve been outplayed by the ‘left’ with the help of their malicious/malevolent ‘streaming’ media….


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