Woke US Women’s Soccer Team Still Hates America


The New York Post reported that the woke US Women’s soccer players remained silent with a few exceptions while the “Star Spangled Banner” was played across New Zealand’s Eden Park arena. Young aspiring players stood before them as the team set a bad example and US National Anthem played.

Nasty women of US Women’s soccer.

They were facing off with Vietnam. The Vietnamese sang their anthem proudly.

Several stared straight ahead as if they were angry. Only a few had their hands on their hearts. Six clasped their hands behind their backs.

 Brittney Griner’s cell is empty. Maybe they should go to Russia and try it out.

The cameras focused on the one woman who looked like the anthem meant something.

These are the people representing us before the world. It says more about them than our country. Most foreigners look at this and think little of them.


By way of contrast, the Vietnamese make their country proud.

Megyn Rapinoe, playing in her last World Cup before retiring, was the first woman to kneel in practice. She said in the weeks before her team’s 2019 World Cup win that she would “never put my hand over my heart.”

“I’ll probably never sing the national anthem again,” she said.

If they come back winners, we might have to suffer through another profanity-laced, alcohol-fueled players ticker tape parade.

They’re bad winners.

Remember how they disrespected the 98-year-old World War II veteran?

A 98-year-old World War II veteran, Peter DuPre played the Star-Spangled Banner on his harmonica before the women’s soccer team’s send-off before the Olympics. Several of the women showed their utter disrespect for this man who fought for their right to hate their country.



  1. I’m a proud, patriotic American who loves our country, our values and the bulk of our history. Sure, we as a nation have committed many wrong acts, but we as a nation have done more good for people world wide than any other nation. Those communists don’t represent me.

  2. Haven’t watched any sports of any kind for years. Just stop watching and having anything to do with’em. Let’tm dry up and turn into fertilizer and blow away. Not much to even listen to just like any sports team or members of a team when they do not act honorably. Sports is supposed to be a representation who you are and who you stand with as a sports person.

  3. Only in America? It would be an honor for any person to be on any national sports team representing any country. But in America you can hate your country and be on the team.

  4. The purposeful forcing of massive diversity and multiculturalism is destroying the USA. And thus the tyrannical elite class paves the way for forcing their New World Order upon us.

    It is hard to be loyal to a subjective entity such as a country when its elite class and its huge army of minions, cohorts and lackeys have declared war against you.


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