X to Censor “Lawful but Awful” Speech


X CEO Linda Yaccarino appeared on CNBC to tell the world that X would be censoring “lawful but awful” content and that their primary policy going forward will be “freedom of speech, but not freedom of reach.”

it sounds like we’re going to be shadow banned again.

What is “awful” speech, and who gets to decide? The likes of Linda Yaccarino, a compatriot of George Soros?

The subjective terms the leftists use are to give them carte blanche over censorship. the rhyming element is so cute.

Her other rhyme is Freedom of Speech, Not Reach. How can you have freedom of speech if they don’t let people hear it?

When they say healthy, they are using an undefinable term. When they say safety, they are fooling you. You do not need Ms. Yaccarino to keep you safe.

Anything can pretty much be hateful if it is distasteful to them.

Kyle Clifton at Gab says the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) heavily censors social media. He went undercover to prove it. Go here, here, here, and here. The women he interviewed sounded like children. They kept making declarative statements into questions.

The ADL seems to have a great deal of power over X, Gab says.

It’s not just the ADL; it’s the media, the government, and all kinds of assorted players. Mostly it’s wealthy people who want to control us.



  1. Yaccarino is there to plug the advertising holes in X. Elon is still the boss. Let’s see how this plays out. Most of the censors have been fired, so it time to see how far we can test thel imits.


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