Zelensky Sends a Warning to US Presidential Hopefuls


During an NBC interview, Ukrainian President Zelensky warned American candidates who want to end the war. He gave them a black-and-white choice – no in-between. Either continue funding the Ukraine war and escalate as we have, or face Russia taking over NATO countries and our children dying in war.


“If any candidate thinks supporting Ukraine is too costly, are they ready to go to war? Are they ready to fight? Send their children? Die?” Zelenskyy said. “They will have to do it anyway if NATO enters this war, and if Ukraine fails and Russia occupies us, they will move on to the Baltics or Poland or some other NATO country. And then the U.S. will have to choose between keeping NATO or entering the war.”

Zelenskyy said Ukraine continuing to fight benefits NATO nations like the United States.

“I wonder if those candidates realize the price Ukraine is paying in this war,” the Ukrainian president said.

That is the tragedy. Biden’s administration has the Ukrainian people fighting a proxy war so we can topple Putin. But Zelensky did it willingly. He shares that blame.

Reporter Engel asked Zelenskyy whether he was worried if specific candidates winning the 2024 U.S. presidential election raised concerns for Ukraine.

“The American people will choose the most worthy president, and we will support this choice. And that’s normal and fair,” Zelenskyy replied. “Of course, some statements from representatives of specific groups and politicians calling for diminished support of Ukraine, yes, that does worry us. I think that’s a big risk for Ukraine. It’s not the person at the top; it’s the change of policy we want to avoid. I believe that won’t happen.”

The US has taken on nearly total responsibility for the Ukrainian economy and weaponry, while the sanctions have seriously harmed Europe and the US.

Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. are calling for an end to the war. Biden is putting an endless war in place. Think Vietnam and Afghanistan.
It’s not black-and-white if they are willing to abide by Minsk II. We don’t know if that would do it because Putin has no one to negotiate with.

Last month, DeSantis addressed the Ukraine-Russia conflict, reiterating calls for a peaceful settlement which he has done repeatedly.

Trump has continuously called for a peaceful settlement to the conflict, including during a contentious town hall interview with CNN in May. When CNN host Kaitlin Collins asked whether he wants Ukraine to win the war, Trump said, “I think in terms of getting it settled so we [can] stop killing all these people—Russians and Ukrainians. I want them to stop dying.”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has also called for a peaceful conclusion to the war in Ukraine.

“We will offer to withdraw our troops and nuclear-capable missiles from Russia’s borders. Russia will withdraw its troops from Ukraine and guarantee its freedom and independence,” Kennedy’s campaign website states. “[United Nations] peacekeepers will guarantee peace to the Russian-speaking eastern regions [of Ukraine]. We will put an end to this war. We will put an end to the suffering of the Ukrainian people. That will be the start of a broader program of demilitarization of all countries.”..read more at The Epoch Times.



  1. “Biden is putting an endless war in place. Think Vietnam and Afghanistan.”

    Russia and BRICS+ will not tolerate this. And anyway, we have by no means the capacity to sustain such a thing. Not any more. Those days are over.

    Whatever else they are (and especially in the minds of BRICS+), Biden and his Regime are “so yesterday.”

  2. Zelensky’s “argument” is merely the old and discredited cold warrior nonsense.

    DeSantis was a big fan of escalating the war until he started running. Trump and RFK have been consistent. I cannot trust the position of DeSantis because is it situational.

    To our junk media and corrupt DC, Minsk 2, does not exist, because Minsk 2 fundamentally discredits the West position.


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