Zuckerberg Admits He Censored Accurate Info on the Word of “Experts”


Mark Zuckerberg says it was challenging to censor COVID misinformation because the scientific establishment was frequently wrong, which ultimately undermined public trust.

“Just take some of the stuff around COVID earlier in the pandemic where there were real health implications, but there hadn’t been time to fully vet a bunch of the scientific assumptions. Unfortunately, I think a lot of the kind of establishment on that kind of waffled on a bunch of facts and asked for a bunch of things to be censored that, in retrospect, ended up being more debatable or true. That stuff is really tough- right? It really undermines trust.”

This is the perfect example of why censorship doesn’t work. Who gets to decide and on what basis? How do you keep it from getting politicized? When government agents give someone money, how does that person ignore their demands?

Censorhip is fascist.

Censorship undermines trust. Mr. Zuckerberg went along with it and kicked people off his platform when they said nothing wrong. He’s trying to get back some of his lost credibility.

We need debate, and we need the truth. He knew that.

Sadly, some people will never hear this. Facebook still has Soros-tied fact-checkers. The CDC is still lying and pushing vaccines. Biden is still planning to sign us up for the totalitarian Pandemic Treaty. COVID vaccine passports are still in the planning stages.


COVID was and continues to be exploited by the political hacks in the CDC, FDA, and the White House.



  1. “JUST checking that you aren’t violating community standards!”

    As zuckface opens the shower door….

    You know what to do.
    Choose wisely.

  2. Someday, some very enterprising journalist should bring in a fairly large audience of those who, when the vitriolic hype was raging at its peak, found themselves no longer welcome among their close family members, or in the presence of those they thought were their dear friends. I have known so many couples who were utterly heartbroken because they were forbidden to come anywhere near their own grandchildren because Grandma and Grandpa would not take the jab. Decades-long friendships went up in smoke because those who worshiped at the altar of The Vax forbade their longtime friends to come anywhere near them. Ever. Again.

    The wrath of the Vax Worshipers roared through our society like a wind-driven wildfire. And now, in the cold ashes of the aftermath, are what is left of the Damned Fool True Believers, and those they so viciously burned … whose stories still wring tears of grief from them.

    Zuckerberg and his ilk knew exactly what they were doing (divide and conquer), because they MEANT to do it.

    • Zuckerberg’s excuse is ridiculous, he was an active part of censorship. At the same time he was supporting all mandates and lockdowns, he was spending $200 million of the mail in voting crimes.

      People who reject others due to a lack of jab or mask cannot be real friends. I lost some friends. I took a hard stand in my family and I was vindicated.

  3. “Mr. Zuckerberg went along with [censorship] and kicked people off his platform when they said nothing wrong. He’s trying to get back some of his lost credibility.”

    Good luck with that, Zuckerbot.


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